Something to think about – Wild Horses II

Thought for today about wild horse adoption versus euthanasia:  The BLM needs an EXTREME MARKETING MAKEOVER!

Seriously, folks.  The American Mustang horse is one of the hardiest, sturdiest and most sensible horses you could ever want.  Just look at all the testimonials from people who have adopted them.  Based on the very few people I know here on the East Coast who have adopted a mustang, every one of them is happy.  I think there should be a serious breed registry for the American Mustang Horse, dedicated to promoting and preserving the breed.  Some breed registries like the Arabian Horse Association and American Quarter Horse Association are huge businesses that represent tens (hundreds) of thousands of horses, breeders and owners. 

Note to BLM:  I know some serious kick-butt marketing people who could help increase the public’s awareness of wild horses in a *positive* way — and help place more horses.  Another note:  recruit more horse trainers in highly populated areas in the eastern and far western U.S.  These people move a lot of horses every year, and could be instrumental in placing more Mustangs in new homes. 

Note to Horse people:  let the folks who can’t adopt a horse contribute to the foundations set up to protect the wild horses — those of us who CAN adopt, let’s do that.  For those of us who CAN train, why not pick up Mustang project horses the way some of us pick up TB’s (Thoroughbred’s) from the track?  I’m not advocating diverting any resources away TB adoptions — goodness knows that’s another very important endeavor — just pointing out that Mustangs are another source of horses that can be re-trained to lead very useful lives.

Another thought:  If a breed registry were established with the horses’ brand, and/or the horses were microchipped:

  • ownership transfers could be recorded,
  • the horses themselves could be tracked more easily, which could help reduce concerns about the horses being abused, neglected or sent to slaughter,
  • an organized breed registry could work toward recognition of the American Mustang with major performance competition registries like the USEF (U.S. Equestrian Federation) and other affiliated performance registries.  With the tracking of performance results for the American Mustang would come year-end awards, prizes, and a considerable increase in the appreciation of the breed.

With that, I think I’ll pat myself on the back and start working on that breed registry thing.  If you are interested in participating, please comment on this post!

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