Something to think about – Wild Horses I

I call this posting “Wild Horses I” because I have a feeling there will be a II and possibly a III, etc.  Everyone who knows me is aware that I get my knickers knotted whenever the subject of unwanted horses comes up and the speaker is (IMHO) speaking from a strictly sentimental or naieve viewpoint without attempting to base their opinions on any facts.  I love horses; I’ve dedicated a large portion of my life and my resources to caring for them as part of my personal passion and for business.  I also am a life-long learner, and I believe in educating myself by trying to gain factual information from both sides of an issue before making judgments.   

I have received numerous e-mails in the past weeks from people who are upset about the BLM (Bureau of Land Management, part of the U.S. Department of the Interior) announcement after the June 30th advisory board meeting of the Wild Horse and Bureau Advisory Board that BLM is considering euthanising horses. 

There seems to be a significant amount of mis-information and hysteria floating around.  I’m hearing things like “BLM is going to kill 30,000 horses!” and “America’s wild horses are soon going to be extinct!”  I have been researching those claims, along with statistics published by the Bureau of Land Management, to try to satisfy myself about the truth.  I will share with you what I’ve found, and I welcome your comments.  Ultimately, I wish to present a balanced discussion of the current situation of the American Mustangs, the BLM’s current problems and plans for the Mustangs, and reasonable approaches and options for dealing with the issue.  I hope that others with similar concerns will join in.  It would be great if people with first-hand knowledge of wild mustangs and the issues of herd management on public lands would comment.

If you are a victim of mass hysteria and all you have to contribute is “omg save the pretty horses from extinction!”  you probably won’t find much of a sympathetic ear here.  However, if you have reliable information,  intelligent questions and comments, please do contribute. 

I don’t claim to have any answers, at least not at the moment, but as someone who is concerned with the welfare of horses on a day-to-day basis, I feel compelled to get to the bottom of the current BLM issue — hope you’ll come along with me.  

Some questions to be addressed:

– what exactly is the BLM proposing to do?  what is the BLM’s authority to euthanize horses?  Why does BLM feel that’s necessary at this time?  Who decides whether to euthanize horses, and which ones will be euthanized?

– how many wild horses are there?  how much land do they inhabit — how has the amount of land dedicated to the horses changed over the years (if at all)?  where are the horses that are in “holding facilities” kept?

– what exactly is the BLM’s budget for wild horses, and how is it spent? 

– what has the BLM done to control the horse population to-date?  are the wild horses endangered?

– what can I do to help?

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