Something to think about – Wild Horses II

Thought for today about wild horse adoption versus euthanasia: The BLM needs an EXTREME MARKETING MAKEOVER!

Seriously, folks. The American Mustang horse is one of the hardiest, sturdiest and most sensible horses you could ever want. Just look at all the testimonials from people who have adopted them. Based on the very few people I . . . → Read More: Something to think about – Wild Horses II

So, you want breed your mare? Step 1:

First things first: take an unemotional look at your reason for becoming a horse breeder.

Horse breeding can be very exciting and rewarding. Honestly, watching the babies cavort in the pasture, observing the miracle of birth (I never get tired of it!), participating in handling and teaching the babies and watching over them as . . . → Read More: So, you want breed your mare? Step 1:

Dung Beetles Rock!

You could call this an ode to the Scarab Beetle — a much more artistic and acceptable name for those little (and sometimes not so little) beetles that live to eat, drink and reproduce in poo!

I have (quite by accident) a really beneficial ecosystem going on in my horse pastures, supported by dung . . . → Read More: Dung Beetles Rock!

Something to think about – Wild Horses I

I call this posting “Wild Horses I” because I have a feeling there will be a II and possibly a III, etc. Everyone who knows me is aware that I get my knickers knotted whenever the subject of unwanted horses comes up and the speaker is (IMHO) speaking from a strictly sentimental or naieve viewpoint . . . → Read More: Something to think about – Wild Horses I

Something to think about — unwanted horses and other musings

No, this is not another post on the BLM/Wild Horse issue, although it’s related, and there will be more posts on the Wild Horse subject soon. There are some highly recommended links at the end of this post, so be sure to check them out.

To get into the horse slaughter discussion is to really . . . → Read More: Something to think about — unwanted horses and other musings

Q: What’s a theriogenologist?

A: A veterinarian who is a reproductive specialist.

While many veterinarians are qualified to do reproductive work, a board-certified theriogenologist is usually called in when special expertise is required. Examples include: fertility problems, insemination with frozen semen, special insemination techniques (deep horn insemination, for example), embryo transfer, etc.

While your regular veterinarian can . . . → Read More: Q: What’s a theriogenologist?

What’s going on here…

This is an area where we’ll post reviews — both picks and pans — of products we’ve tried. In the future we plan to add some surveys and polls about products so you can see what others like and dislike too. Got a favorite fly sheet? A better solution to foal hock sores? Some newfangled . . . → Read More: What’s going on here…

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